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We strive to improve the health status of the community

ViviMed Integrated Health provides an approach to care that combines mainstream medical therapies with lifestyle and preventative medicine. The health care team works collaboratively to understand the nature of illness, support the healing process and promote wellness. Each provider brings unique knowledge, skills and background to the table, and the integration of the knowledge is done seamlessly for quality care.

We utilize an easily incorporated strategy to not only improve the care for patients but also enhance the cost-effectiveness of health care delivery ̶   A practical strategy for which there is some scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness while addressing the whole person—body, mind and spirit. Research shows that diabetes, obesity and cardiac outcomes may be alleviated and even prevented through the use of integrative modalities such as nutritious diet, physical activity, stress management and healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Mission​

To lead the development and maintenance of comprehensive and integrated health delivery that enables sound policy and effective health system management that improve health and health care.

Our Vision​

To integrate the knowledge and experience from a team of health professionals to inform health care decisions that are person-centered and population-focused.

Our Values

We are active practitioners of our mission and vision through exercising the values of respect, integrity, impartiality, collaboration, excellence and innovation.

Our Core Values


Collaboration is the strength of our organization fostering teamwork in shared person-centered and population-focused problem solving.


We are guided by high ethical and professional standards to promote wellbeing, prevent disease and alleviate the suffering of individuals. We use available evidence to make informed choices as a team to enhance patient, client and participant outcomes.


We are committed to a culture of innovation to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients, clients and participants.


Our approach is to build mutual understanding by respecting patient and community values and their priorities/preferences for care.


Integrity and trust in our relationships with patients and colleagues form an integral part of our every day commitment to privacy, confidentiality, and transparency.


We make no discrimination as to race, nationality, class, religious beliefs or political opinions.

Quality Assurance

Illustration of quality control

Quality of care is defined as the “degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge” (Institute of Medicine, 1990:4).

Quality improvement requires that health professionals are clear on their course of action:

  • Does the action improve health outcomes?
  • How will you know an improvement has occurred?

The interdisciplinary team utilize quality assurance measures with one another in developing the most effective and comprehensive action plan.

We continually take the following QA measures into your care:

  • Understand and measure the extent of collaboration, coordination and communication among the team of health professionals.
  • Measure the level of the interaction between you and interdisciplinary team and determine whether the structure of care is designed to meet your needs.
  • Assess the degree of research supporting the intervention
  • Monitor outcomes, or evidence about changes in your health status
  • Identifying areas of improvement and implement the best practice measures
  • Design and test interventions to improve the quality of care
  • Ensure safety precautions have been taken in the process of care
  • Identify errors and hazards in care; understand and implement actionable feedback to avoid errors and harm to individuals and populations.

Professional Development

The interdisciplinary team is required to partake in our continuing professional development program designed to ensure that our services are delivered by appropriately trained and educated staff.

Each member of the team will undergo a case-based annual review of their individual performance. Based on the review, the committee will offer personal development plans identifying areas of need. Team members will receive feedback and support to meet individual needs and the needs of the service.

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