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What is Evidence-based Practice in Integrative Medicine

Evidence-Based Medicine using an Interdisciplinary Model

  • Competence refers to the integration of knowledge and skill across professions to address your needs.
  • Collaboration occurs when team members share knowledge and information in the decision-making process towards a shared goal.
  • Commitment to meeting your personal needs is a common vision across the multi-disciplinary team of professionals.  

A multidisciplinary team collaborating to provide the best person centred care using a holistic approach

A multidisciplinary team collaborating to provide the best person centred care using a holistic approach

ViviMed consistently employs best practices using the ever-expanding evidence base in health care. As a result, our interdisciplinary team is able to recommend the most effective intervention at the point of patient care. Moreover, each member of the interdisciplinary team is able to effectively use research to determine whether an intervention, such as a diagnostic test, or therapy, will improve the outcome.

Evidence-based practice is the integration of the relevant scientific evidence, clinical judgement, and patient values and preferences. Relevant scientific evidence includes randomized controlled trials, clinical trials, laboratory experiments, epidemiological research and evidence derived from the practice knowledge of experts. Clinical judgement is derived from the knowledge and experience acquired in practice. Patient values and preferences are the unique concerns, expectations, personal finances, psychological and emotional factors brought by each patient to a clinical encounter.

Evidence-based practice does not limit care based on the results of randomized controlled trials, as they are not always available, nor does it disregard the clinicians’ experience or the your unique circumstances at the point of care. Rather, all such sources of knowledge and information is utilized in applying the evidence.  

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