Complete And Effective Care Matched To You

Whether you feel the need to address a lingering concern or think a problem may be surfacing, let us assist you before it becomes overwhelming.

Complete And Effective Care Matched To You

Whether you feel the need to address a lingering concern or think a problem may be surfacing, let us assist you before it becomes overwhelming.

Reaching Beyond Medicine for a

New Standard of Care

Connect with our team of health professionals to see how we can help you. We offer a whole suite of integrative health services. Whether your looking for advise on how to optimize your health or suffering from chronic illness, we can help!

Personalized Care
Matched to You

ViviHealth guides you every step of the way to receive healthcare from a range of providers to best tackle your health concern.

Effective Care Backed
by Research

Therapies backed by research for safe and effective results. Our experienced providers only use evidence-based methods.

We Provide
Direct Billing

Our services are covered by most extended health insurances. No paperwork or insurance hassles.

Our 360° Process

Data-driven insights are used to understand your health concerns, implement strategies, allowing us to prescribe the correct treatment and fine-tune therapy for maximum benefit.

Telemedicine - Flexible Care That Fits Your Schedule

No Clinic Visit Required

ViviHealth provides telemedicine consultations throughout Ontario. Telemedicine allows patients to enjoy the same high-quality consultation and treatment as in the clinic, without leaving the home or office, and at convenient times during your busy work-life schedule.

How telemedicine works ?

Telemedicine allows you to connect with a doctor through a secure video conference, in real time. A secure interface approved by the Ontario Ministry of Health facilitates direct patient communication (via your computer or mobile device), enabling confidential and secure video conferencing communications and intake screening. Now even patients who live hundreds of miles away can benefit from our unique expertise.

Why Choose Us?

Collaborative Care

We work together to provide you with the most comprehensive plan to get you back in good health.

Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach goes beyond Evidence-Based Medicine to include person-centered care.

Innovative Specialty Tests

We partner with the highest quality clinical and laboratory testing services in the US and Canada to guide therapy.

Some Common Evidence Based Therapies

Now offering FREE Wellness Consultations

Now offering FREE Wellness Consultations

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Arthritis and Joint Therapy

Living with pain can make it difficult to stay active. You may find it increasingly harder to move, perform daily tasks or even enjoy time with family and friends. Chronic pain can decrease your quality of life by disturbing your sleep and limit you from enjoying your activities. Our integrative approach provides a deeper and more lasting healing to your pain.


High blood pressure is often referred to as a ‘silent killer’, because individuals often feel fine despite their blood pressure being elevated. Canada is seeing a rising rate of diabetes, heart attack and stroke. It is one of the leading causes of death in Canada and a complex disease to treat. Our cardiology program utilizes the most comprehensive and unique treatment strategy to manage this disease from a preventive and noninvasive approach.

Women’s Health

Risk factors for various conditions and approaches to prevention are different for men and women. We treat women of all ages, taking into account the various factors that may be affecting their health and well-being. We utilize a personalized approach to address the individual by incorporating lifestyle, environment and emotional health into their assessment.

Cognitive Performance

Two of the most common conditions affecting cognitive performance are ADHD and dementia. Often the diagnosis of ADHD is overlooked or grouped into the category of mental health. On the other hand, the standard interventions for dementia is very limited. Not only does our integrative approach better manage symptoms and improve cognitive performance, we help to prevent the decline in brain function with patients suffering from dementia.